Heartily welcome all Tamilians in the world

  • Long live Tamil!
  • Long live the customs and traditions of Tamil.
  • http://ilearntamil.com/learn-tamil-alphabets/
  • They have done a good job
  • . it is worth looking at and knowing more.
  • They have taken lot of pains to put through the maximum for the people who want to learn.
  • It is always nice to know your mother tongue
  • .If you come or visit Tamil Nadu, you can be at home and at ease.
  • .You can converse with the nearest kith and kin who do not know your accent in American or British English .
  • They will feel thankful and grateful that you are able to give them a good company
  • .Learn a few words
  • . vanakkam, amma,appa, thaththaa. paattee, annan, thangai, periappa, chithappa, chithee, aththai, mama, mami, akka. thangai.thangachee,kalyanam, vishesham, sappadu, aamaam, illai, theriyum ,theriyadhu
  • .learn these words ask the people who speak tamil these meanings.
  • and remember to use them in daily conversation
  • .If you need to learn more send us your gmail and if you are willing to join as amember of KPG TAMIL FOR A one time fee of Rupees.643/- .Send your enquiry to geenrao19@gmail.com and oblige.
  • We will guide you through mail and help you speak tamil at ease .
  • Your speaking¬† Tamil will make us more happy and we will consider as a privilege and honour that we have been useful to Tamil language and Tamil people.



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