learn Tamil through English

  • veedu  house  koil (kovil)  temple near pakkathileh  is irukku ,enga our

  • .Enga veedu koil pakkathileh irukku.

  • Our house is neat the temple.

  • Unga veedu engeh irukku?

  • unga your engeh where ? where is your house?

  • City union bankukku edithappleh(munnadi) irukku.

  • opposite /in front of  City union Bank

  • .unga veedu peria(big) veedaaa?

  • Is your house big? illai no

  • enga veedu chinna( small)  veedu. 

  • No,ours is a small house

  • .neeYou yaaroo(who) who are you?

  • Naan Nanu? I am Nanu.

  • un appa your father enna what velai (job,work) seiraaroo? does

  • what is his job? what does your father dO? what is he? avaroo bank manager.

  • avaru He oru  one bank manager

  • .kaalaiyileh In the morning

  • naan kaalaiyileh coffee kudikkirane I drink coffee in the morning.

  • Naan raathrileh paal sappidrane.

  • I drink milk in the night..raathiriyileh in the night.

  • Kaalaiyileh in the morning.

  • madhyaanum in the afteroon,

  • sayendhiram in the evening.

  • rarthriyileh  in the night.

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